Tuesday, March 28th - Join us for Collective Arts Series 7 Launch Party!

Collective Arts Brewing is a company out of Ontario, Canada that wants to connect the creative artistic scene with the craft beer world by way of artwork, music, and filmmaking. Each beer in this collection is going to have a label that is a limited edition work of art. 

The Beer Collective in New Haven will be the gathering place for a shuttle bus headed to Brewport. The bus leaves at 6:15pm SHARP. You can reserve your seats (with the link below) if you’d like, but otherwise the bus is first come first serve! Otherwise, come right into Brewport with your DD for a night of great art, beer, and people!!


Tuesday, April 25th- Reserve your seats for Paint Night, $40 each! Free samples of beer and food included. Socialize and enjoy your night with us.