What's On Tap

Our Brews

Blood Orange Blonde Blonde Ale 5.00% ABV
Old News Double IPA Double IPA 8.00% ABV
Arnold's Vienna Cream Ale Cream Ale 6.00% ABV
Dr. Porter's Stout Stout 5.50% ABV
South End Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.20% ABV
Seventh Inning SIPA Session IPA 4.60% ABV
Brother John's Bock Bock 6.00% ABV
T.I.P.A - Traditional IPA IPA 5.90% ABV

Guest Taps

Blood Orange Cider Austin East Ciders Cider 5.00% ABV
VT IPA Long Trail Brewing Co. IPA 6.00% ABV
Refresh Half Full Pale Ale 5.00% ABV
Nitro Merlin Firestone Walker Milk Stout 5.50% ABV
White Rascal Avery Brewing Witbier 5.60% ABV
Super Supernaut New England Brewing Double IPA 8.50% ABV
Road Jam Two Roads Raspberry Wheat 5.00% ABV
Mango Kolsch Clown Shoes Kolsch 6.50% ABV
Sea Hag New England Brewing Co. IPA 6.20% ABV
Gose-Rita Thimble Island Margarita Gose 5.30% ABV
Sun Juice Stony Creek Witbier 5.30% ABV
G-Bot New England Brewing Double IPA 8.20% ABV
Ransack The Universe Collective Arts IPA 6.80% ABV
Swing Bridge Steady Habit Brewing co IPA 6.00% ABV
Double Ruffled Feathers Stony Creek DIPA 8.20% ABV

Guest Bottles

White Allagash Witbier 5.10% ABV
La Fin Du Monde Unibroue Tripel 9.00% ABV
Glaucus IPA 6.20% ABV
Pearly Wit Springdale Witbier 4.80% ABV
Liliko'i Kepolo Avery Brewing Tropical Wheat 5.40% ABV
Granola Brown Black Hog Brown Ale 5.50% ABV
Rodenbach Grand Cru Rodenbach Flanders Red 6.00% ABV
Super Session 8 Lawson's Finest Session IPA 4.80% ABV
Boomsauce Lord Hobo Double IPA 7.80% ABV
Toasted Lager Blue Point Amber Lager 5.50% ABV
Lupu Luau Head Sierra Coconut IPA 7.30% ABV
IPA (Gluten Free) Omission IPA 6.70% ABV
Porter Samuel Smith English Porter 5.00% ABV
Original Blend Downeast Cider 5.00% ABV
Lil' Heaven Two Roads Session IPA 4.80% ABV
Stranger Than Fiction Collective Arts Porter 6.10% ABV

Our Beers

Blood Orange Blonde

5.00% ABV

This is the first in a series of Ales being brewed here at Brewport. This refreshing blood orange blonde has real blood orange juice to give it a light citrus aroma and refreshing thirst quenching quality. Refreshingly smooth a perfect addition to an outdoor patio pint or any of ours Pizzas.

Old News Double IPA

8.00% ABV

To pay homage to the history of our beautiful building, we have brewed a big bold DIPA. For all of its existence, the news of the day would be shuffled through our doors and “Old News” drinks to that heritage. We brewed this double using old-school hops and traditional American malt for an in-your-face flavor and intense hop character. At 8% ABV, this one is our front-page headline, the finest example of what we can brew. Expect to get hops, malt and bite from the first sip to last in every glass. We put this DIPA up against any and all of our favorite pizzas! Be careful, it might even want a slice.

Arnold's Vienna Cream Ale

6.00% ABV

This recipe comes from a brew maade in 1886 at Arnold & Co., Ogdensburg, NY. George Johnson, an English Brewer and immigrant, sold this recipe to James Hanley of Providence, RI. Our version is as close as possible to that of Johnson's and is a bright, lively, very pale beer, and true to the original: it was brewed here by an American and English immigrant. Its modest hop rate and American hop clusters come through as malty, satisfying and very drinkable with just a hint of hop character and bitterness.

Dr. Porter's Stout

5.50% ABV

Our Brewmaster has gone back in time to pull together a traditional foreign-style sout. Hisotrically accurate to old-world England, and traditionally brewerd right here in Bridgeport, this stout is a wonderful ride! 5 different malts make this a very complex ale with hints of coffee, toffee, and chocolate!

South End Pale Ale

5.20% ABV

We went back to school to study up on all the new varieties of hops sprouting up all over the world - and decided to grow a new kind of pale ale with Hue Melon hops. Starting with standard Canada malts, we created a base that will float the supple aromatics of this German hop. A hint of malt gives way to a wave of light melon that will tease your senses. From the first sip to the last, this Pale Ale will surprise and tantalize your tongue. Hoppy but not too bitter, with just enough edge to make you want another! South End Pale drinks well with The Brewmaster’s Pie or the simplicity of a cheese pizza.

Seventh Inning SIPA

4.60% ABV

Stand up and stretch then call for this refreshingly-drinkable session IPA. Dry-hopped with pails of Centennial gives this SIPA a great burst of citrus without being overly bitter. Full-flavored Simpson malt rounds out this easy drinking Ale. If you’re heading to a game or just finishing one, this is the Ale for you! Seventh Inning SIPA pairs well with our Tree Hugger or your favorite pizza.

Brother John's Bock

6.00% ABV

Feast or famine, this Maybock will hit the spot. Brewed in the age of tradition, sustenance & liquid bread. Bocks were originally brewed in the fall with the best barley malt and lagered all winter to be consumed in the spring as a celebration. Everyone knew it was time when the goats got randy and started to rut. This is where this lager gets its name 'bock' being the German word for goat. So grab your gal and fill your glass, summer is coming and brother John's bock won't last. Prost!!

T.I.P.A - Traditional IPA

5.90% ABV

This true IPA is as original as the day is long. 40 IBUs and 5.9%ABV makes this smack-dab in the middle of the style. We have attempted to make an East meets West IPA by addint copious amounts of Mosaic hop. From the very first sip, you will taste the pleasant bitterness with a huge amount of citrus hop aroma and flavor. TIPA will pair well with almost any of our pizzas and salad and it's a great addition to our summer line up!