What's On Tap

Our Brews

Blood Orange Blonde Blonde Ale 5.00% ABV
Wehle's Pale Lager Pale Lager 5.30% ABV
Old News Double IPA Double IPA 8.00% ABV
Barrett Brothers Brown Ale Brown Ale 5.40% ABV
Holiday Porter Porter 5.20% ABV
South End Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.20% ABV
Seventh Inning SIPA Session IPA 4.60% ABV
Schleuter Dunkelweiss Dunkel Weiss 5.40% ABV

Guest Taps

Lake Hopper Citizen Cider Cider 6.20% ABV
Julius Wurzburger Hefeweizen 5.30% ABV
Red Tape Jack's Abby Amber Lager 5.00% ABV
Mad Elf Troegs Belgian Strong Ale 11.00% ABV
Tripel Allagash Belgian Tripel 9.00% ABV
Vengeful Spirit Stone IPA 7.30% ABV
Holiday Ale Two Roads Biere De Garde 7.30% ABV
Orbital Tilt Captain Lawrence IPA 5.90% ABV
Geyser Gose Two Roads/ Evil Twin Gose 5.50% ABV
Celebration Sierra Nevada IPA 6.80% ABV
Little Sumpin' Lagunitas Pale Wheat Ale 7.50% ABV
Sculpin Ballast Point IPA 7.00% ABV
Trosten Von Trapp Brewing Dark Lager 6.00% ABV
Helles Golden Lager 4.90% ABV
Vienna Von Trapp Lager 5.20% ABV
Breakfast Stout (Nitro) Founders Oatmeal Stout 8.30% ABV

Guest Bottles

White Allagash Witbier 5.10% ABV
La Fin Du Monde Unibroue Tripel 9.00% ABV
Double Chocolate Stout Young's Stout 5.20% ABV
Lil' Heaven Two Roads Session IPA 4.80% ABV
Amber Lager Yuengling Lager 4.50% ABV
Taddy Porter Samuel Smith English Porter 5.00% ABV
Granola Brown Black Hog Brown Ale 5.50% ABV
Cranberry Blend Downeast Cider 5.00% ABV
Stranger Than Fiction Collective Arts Porter 6.10% ABV
Boomsauce Double IPA 8.00% ABV
Geyser Gose Two Roads/Evil Twin Sour 5.50% ABV
McChouffe Brasserie d'Achouffe Belgian Strong Ale 8.00% ABV
S'muttonator Smuttynose Doppelbock 8.50% ABV
Wolf Pup Golden Road Session IPA 4.50% ABV
Post Shift Jack's Abby Pilsner 4.70% ABV
Xocoveza Stone Brewing Imperial Stout 8.10% ABV

Our Beers

Blood Orange Blonde

5.00% ABV

This is the first in a series of Ales being brewed here at Brewport. This refreshing blood orange blonde has real blood orange juice to give it a light citrus aroma and refreshing thirst quenching quality. Refreshingly smooth a perfect addition to an outdoor patio pint or any of ours Pizzas.

Wehle's Pale Lager

5.30% ABV

This recipe is straight out of the archives! This is Wehle Brewing Co's original recipe from August of 1941 out of West Haven, CT. In the glory days of Connecticut's brewing, we had dozens of brewing companies, most of which produced ales and lagers, in 200 bbl. batches. 

Dr. Foster and our own brewmaster Jeff Browning, have resurrected yet another historic beer, their first lager! Wehle pale beer, is a clean refreshing lager in the old world traditional style of premium lagers. Crafted with 80% standard malt, 20% flaked corn, and brewed with German Hallertau hops, this beer is both easy drinking and crisp! 

So let's toast to the memory of all the doughboys heading off to war with what they would have been drinking! Cheers to a bygone era, and cheers to Wehle Pale Lager Beer!

Old News Double IPA

8.00% ABV

To pay homage to the history of our beautiful building, we have brewed a big bold DIPA. For all of its existence, the news of the day would be shuffled through our doors and “Old News” drinks to that heritage. We brewed this double using old-school hops and traditional American malt for an in-your-face flavor and intense hop character. At 8% ABV, this one is our front-page headline, the finest example of what we can brew. Expect to get hops, malt and bite from the first sip to last in every glass. We put this DIPA up against any and all of our favorite pizzas! Be careful, it might even want a slice.

Barrett Brothers Brown Ale

5.40% ABV

Much like the Barrett brothers themselves, this brown ale is smooth, sophisticated and well-rounded. Brewing with copious amounts of English brown malt and then lightly-hopped with traditional English hops allows this Ale to be very approachable and drinkable. With hints of chocolate and just enough earthy spice, this is the intelligent choice for the sophisticated beer drinker. Triple “B” pairs well with our Barrett and Meat Master pizzas.

Holiday Porter

5.20% ABV

When the cat's away the mice will play. When Jeff finally took a day off, Joe and Luke snuck into the brewery and concocted a beautifully rich chocolate holiday porter to welcome the holiday season. Four different malts and East Kent Golding hops present a medium bodied and roasted Porter with just enough chocolate and malty sweetness to bring it all together. Help us ring in the holiday seasonand the new year with this limited release. Keep your eyes peeled for special casks of Holiday Porter leading up to the new year, and possibly and extra special cask for this year's Connecticut Real Ale Festival, on January 28th, 2018.

South End Pale Ale

5.20% ABV

We went back to school to study up on all the new varieties of hops sprouting up all over the world - and decided to grow a new kind of pale ale with Hue Melon hops. Starting with standard Canada malts, we created a base that will float the supple aromatics of this German hop. A hint of malt gives way to a wave of light melon that will tease your senses. From the first sip to the last, this Pale Ale will surprise and tantalize your tongue. Hoppy but not too bitter, with just enough edge to make you want another! South End Pale drinks well with The Brewmaster’s Pie or the simplicity of a cheese pizza.

Seventh Inning SIPA

4.60% ABV

Stand up and stretch then call for this refreshingly-drinkable session IPA. Dry-hopped with pails of Centennial gives this SIPA a great burst of citrus without being overly bitter. Full-flavored Simpson malt rounds out this easy drinking Ale. If you’re heading to a game or just finishing one, this is the Ale for you! Seventh Inning SIPA pairs well with our Tree Hugger or your favorite pizza.

Schleuter Dunkelweiss

5.40% ABV

Because it's fun to say! Schleuter Dunkelweiss is not a hoppy beer- it's for all the drinkers who want to break from American IPA's, who crave richness without a high ABV and who desire flavor without the biting aftertaste. A blend of American & German malts will give this ale a little twist. Rich clove & banana explode from the glass. Full of yeasty goodness, the ale is cloudy and it's this that makes our Shchleuter special! Full of vitamin B and very tasty, this beer is in a class of its own! Schleuter Dunkelweiss pairs well with all of our salads and white pies!